The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed and bring me safely into his heavenly kingdom. To him be the glory forever and ever. Amen. - 2 Timothy 4:18


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    • Aug12Thu

      Peculiar Child

      Do you have a life of prayer? A peculiar child grew up and matured to be a prayer warrior. August 12, 2021
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      Fellowship time
      Fellowship time

      My mother, who is now in the presence of G-d, blessed be HE for His faithfulness to her, used to call me "peculiar" at a young age. I would have to say G-d was showing her something then that would guide me my whole life.

      I consider myself fortunate to be here today to tell my story in short form for it is rather lengthy. I hope you read with patience. Since a child, I had always connected to G-d in my own little way.  HE just seemed to be always there, always near like a father with a young toddler learning to walk.   No matter when, in wakefulness, in my journey, or in sleep, HE was there. When I was young I couldn’t explain this because I didn’t understand it then. Now, I see it through the eyes of love--HIS LOVE teaching me to look through HIS eyes and not just my own.

      Salvation came to me at a tender age of 10. My Heavenly Father deemed it time and showed me the beauty of that moment. Weeping endlessly shook my tiny frame and during a service, I walked to the front of the church as the minister peached. He asked, “What is this?”  I answered, “G-d is calling me. I must answer, sir.”

      Fast forward to mid life, the prince of darkness tried to claim my soul more than a few times.  I came face to face with the agent of death too many times, but G-d in His faithfulness rescued me from being murdered by shotgun 10 ft away from me. I closed my eyes and began to pray, and the person just left me there alone.  Another attempt was drive-by shooting. HE warned me in a dream what was going to happen soon if I didn’t leave the house.  I got into close call with my semi truck in BC. A four-wheeler tricked me in a double S curve speeding over 65 miles per hour late at night trying get around this four-wheeler who matched my speed, then suddenly backed off.  Too late for me to brake, and if I did, it would put me in the lake on my right. I heard a voice saying, “stand up behind the wheel and pedal down, I’ll look after the rest”.  If it wasn’t for the angels keeping me and my truck upright, my semi would have flipped, ending up in the Shuswap Lake.

      Illness a number of times seem to plague me, and manifestation of demons made their presence known one late summer day.  That was a battle of a lifetime between angels and demons over me. I could hear the struggle while an angel wrapped me under his wings, and I could hear and see the movement of the air during the struggle that lasted about 10 minutes, then stillness wrapped the kitchen. It was over.

      Allow me to share a little more on prayer. When I lived in Nova Scotia, prayer was just a simple way of communicating with God.  I just sat and talked with Him, nothing pious about it--simply going quickly to my Father for help and answers when I needed.  He answered right away most times.  There was one time I needed work to be able to pay my rent by the end of the month and this prayer went something like this: Father, you see the need for me to pay my rent and there is nothing in the village for work.  I’m not fussy about the kind of job.  Whatever it is, I will do it. But to know it’s from You, the person must call me asking to come in for an interview. Then I will know you arranged this.  The very next day, a veterinarian gave me a call and I don’t know how he got my number. But I took the job.  When the time with the vet came to an end, HE led me to a doctor who needed a receptionist, and I took the job.  Another prayer, but not a prayer, I just stated to HIM that I miss my sister who was living in Winnipeg at that time. My move to Winnipeg came easy, without problems.  I have been here now for over 22 years.

      Think about it honestly. The LORD is so ready to answer your prayers, but you must believe HE hears you and you also must believe when you pray, HE will answer. If you have doubt, then don’t pray seriously. It hinders your prayer.  Change the word “prayer” to “talk”. Have a conversation with HIM. You might find it easier to spend time talking with our Father. HE is your best friend and in HIM you have confidence for this time we now live in.

      What is my purpose?  I’m still trying to figure it out, even now in my senior life. One thing I’m working on is to developing prayer life in myself and our congregation--not sure this is where He wants me. You see, it’s all training process and when HE deems, I’m ready for full service. HE will lead me there.

      Today, in the area of prayer, I’m on new ground. The Father is guiding me in this area. On my own, I would have quit many times by now if it weren’t for Him nudging me on.  Our Congregation HaTikvah has an Intercessory Prayer Team which HE had me begin by HIS lead. I didn’t know how; it's surely out of my league here. There are only six that HE has brought to the group, but we have stayed the course for over a year now. This fall, I’m hoping to introduce a prayer guide for our group called Finding Hope in a Hopeless World--Helping People to Stay with Prayer.  I guess you could say it’s the do’s and don’ts of prayer.

      In closing, I can say there is no place I’d rather be but in my Father’s house, in my LORD’s service, for I was saved from destruction and from being lost to damnation. Now I am predestined to abide in my Father’s house for all eternity.

      Time is now passing quickly. We have not our own personal voices anymore; others seem to speak and make discussions for us. Most are lost in the confusion and fog of this time we are in.  But one thing I know for sure is that when the Father touches your heart, and HE will, please take a moment to LISTEN and say “yes, I am here”. Don’t be swept along with the masses; it leads to where you don’t want to go.

      Yeshua said before He went away that He goes to prepare a place for us, that in His Father’s house are many mansions.  I run the race with my eyes fixed on the prize. Keep looking up.

      I have much to be thankful for.  Do you?
      Donna Jaques Castillo ♦

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