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    • Aug12Thu

      Close Calls

      God's awesome protection over Helen Dyck and her late husband Peter (of blessed memory) August 12, 2021
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      Helen Dyck
      Helen Dyck

      Several years ago, Peter’s van needed repairs. The garage we took our vehicles to was in Headingly. I had to go to work the next morning, and because I also had to provide the tow, we decided to get up early and take Peter’s van to the garage before my workday began. I wasn’t all that familiar with Headingly, so I asked Peter to clearly explain just where we were going, after all, I was in the driver’s seat. He said, “Go down Roblin Blvd., till we get to the bridge.” The bridge? Where is there a bridge? All right, I’ll see it, but remember it is still dark early in the morning in late fall or early winter.

               Entering the town of Headingly, I knew I had missed the bridge. I brought the van to a stop, and Peter came to my window and instructed me how to turn around. When the coast was clear we made the turn. All right over the bridge we go! What were his next instructions? Turn left at the lights, and as soon as we’re over the railroad tracks, you’ll see the sign “R.D. Garage”, turn left onto the lot. That sounded simple enough. I glanced in the rear-view mirror occasionally to make sure we were still connected. But what is this? All the buildings and the lights are behind us. I didn’t see any sign that said R.D. Garage.

                I pulled to the side of the road and Peter again came to my window, I needed new directions. He turned and pointed to a building, “that is the garage”, he said. Okay. I’ve got it! We got turned around again! I was about to cross the median when all of a sudden, my van was jerked to a stop, and a car zipped by just inches from me. All I could think was, thank you Peter for seeing that car so close and slamming on your brakes to stop us. Again, Peter came to my window. “Why did you stop?”, he asked. “I thought you braked”, I replied. No, he said he hadn’t, “but I’ll see what the problem is”. I should have asked him if he saw my brake lights had come on. I realized Peter probably wasn’t aware that car was even passing so closely.

                  A moment later, he came back and instructed me to back up just a little as the van had driven onto the slack tow rope and it acted like a brake just as that car zipped past us. Oh wow! Thank you, GOD, for sparing our lives. Had You not stopped me, I think it would have taken my life at the speed of that car. There was no question in my mind it was God, and He used a piece of rope to stop the van at just the right time.  Isn’t it wonderful that God looks after us in such an intimate way?

               When the coast was clear, I made the turn and safely turned into the R.D. Garage lot. What a relief! But where was the R.D. Garage sign, I wanted to know. Peter pointed it out. Driving by, it didn’t appear much larger than a postage stamp—no wonder I hadn’t seen it!

              What amazed me was that God watches what happens to us and protects us.  Isaiah 65:24 says, “Before they call, I will answer; while they are still speaking, I will hear.” What an awesome God we have. One quote I just read said, “God provides before the need arises.” And also, Peter wasn’t even upset with me when I didn’t understand his instructions that I’m sure he thought were very clear.

               Some people would say that was just a coincidence. No, no, not in my mind! I think we know when God has intervened in our daily lives. Praise GOD!   ♦

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