Real stories of real people who experienced God's love, goodness and protection.
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  • Fellowship time

    Peculiar Child

    Do you have a life of prayer? A peculiar child grew up and matured to be a prayer warrior. August 12, 2021
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    My mother, who is now in the presence of G-d, blessed be HE for His faithfulness to her, used to call me "peculiar" at a young age. I would have to say G-d was showing her something then that would guide me my whole life.

    I consider myself fortunate to be here today to tell my story in short form for it is rather lengthy. I hope you read with...

  • Helen Dyck

    Close Calls

    God's awesome protection over Helen Dyck and her late husband Peter (of blessed memory) August 12, 2021
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    Several years ago, Peter’s van needed repairs. The garage we took our vehicles to was in Headingly.  I had to go to work the next morning, and because I also had to provide the tow, we decided to get up early and take Peter’s van to the garage before my workday began. I wasn’t all that familiar with Headingly, so I asked...